16 Apr 2012

Muscle-Munch talks with fitness model: Ben Richards

How did you get started? I first started lifting weights at the age of 17 way back in 2007. My brother and dad were much bigger than me and they had been going to the gym for  years before I started so as you can imagine it turned into a

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13 Apr 2012

Gorgeous glutes for girls: How to sculpt the perfect derriere

For many years before I entered the fitness industry and embarked upon bikini body fitness competitions, I had considered my butt to be a pretty good one. For a small frame, I had been blessed with a large bum and it added the look of femininity to my shape. However,

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10 Apr 2012

Muscle-Munch talks with Natural Pro: Chad Shaw

How did you get started? Beginning from the time I was a young child, I badly desired to participate in various sports, however, I wasn’t able to have much of an athletic background due to numerous health problems I was plagued by. At age 2, I was diagnosed with severe

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05 Apr 2012

Muscle-Munch talks with Fitness Coach KANDACE HUDSPETH

How did you get started? Health and fitness have always been a fundamental part of my life. I grew up with dance, gymnastics, and cheer leading. Through college I was a personal trainer and gymnastics coach. I started competing in fitness in 2000; I won my very first show and fell in love with

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02 Apr 2012

Muscle-Munch talks with Natural Bodybuilder: Mark Oakes

How did you get started? I did gymnastics from the age of 4 to 11 yrs and Karate from 7 to early 20’s. I also played rugby throughout school and 6th form. As such, sport and strength-biased sports were always something I was involved in. At 15 years old, my

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